THE WITCH HUNT by Steward Copeland: is a Performing Art project (new contemporary musical opera production) for the XVI Festival edition of TONES OF THE STONES. I will sign the creative-art direction/setdesign/videoscenography .

I’ll create an immersive and emotional performance in which the theater merges with the space (marble quarries) and the visual art. The subject of the theatrical opera is the story of some women considered witches and their processes in northern Italy during the past. Any woman who enjoyed any kind of independence was likely to be considered a witch. The inquisitors believed that the women who remained outside of male control, on the margin of their guardianship through the family, or who kept themselves outside or on the edges of the feminine roles prescribed for them, were worrying elements of the established social order. Women alone, single women or widows, poor women, old women, foreign women, melancholic women, healing women, the spectrum could be varied.

The Foundation TONES OF THE STONES intends to expand its artistic research in the contemporary and digital arts sphere, leading the Festival towards a dimension increasingly characterized by immersive shows and productions with digital sets; it engages in site-specific productions that can create innovative paths, inviting artists to confront themselves with the unusual and majestic space made available year after year. The new production of theatrical musical “THE WITCH HUNT” falls within this intention.

Status: on development. Worldwide Premiere: 18 thJuly 2021.

Preliminary moodboard and concept art.