KINDNESS THEATRE  (Teatro Gentile), 2021, commercial-promo, dance/music video, commissioned by COCCIA THEATRE FOUNDATION-NOVARA (Italy).

Dance as an active Emblem of Imaginary Worlds and Kindness.

Film Director, Concept, and Video Designer: Monica Manganelli
Codirector, SupervisorVfx-Motion Graphics Designer: Stefano Benatti
Executive Production: Independent R-Evolution Creative Studio
Soundtrack: Notte di Luce by Federico Longo
Dancer: Marta Castelletta
Choreography: Barbara Gatto & BAGART BALLET COMPANY
Status: work in progress-post production
The spirit of Kindness, Philophrosyne (a dancer) appears inside a theater and with its light radiates and transforms it into imaginary and surreal worlds. A visually stunning promo inspired by  principles of kindness.