AIDA, by Giuseppe Verdi, production Teatro Carlo Felice – Genova Opera House, premiere 2th december 2018. Director: ALFONSO ANTONIOZZI, Scenography and video design: MONICA MANGANELLI in collaboration with LATTEPLUS BerlinLight Design: LUCIANO NOVELLI, Costume Design: ANNA BIAGIOTTI, Coreography: LUISA BALDINETTI.

A new AIDA theatrical opera inspired and with references and citations by the world of videogame, fantasy and futuristic film, and it’s an hommage to some masterpiece of them.

Techniques: Techniques: mix of 2D animation, motion graphics 3D, cut out computer animation, collage/pastiche animation, concept art-mattepainting.

“L’ AIDA di Monica Manganelli introduce scenografie futuristiche al Carlo Felice.”