THE ATLAS OF WONDERS, (L’ATLANTE delle MERAVIGLIE), 2021-22. Ideated, written, directed and designed by Monica Manganelli. 
Genre: crossmedia/theatrical music project, animated film-series and immersive production about Johann Sebastian Bach and his Brandenburger six concerts, for the celebration of 300th anniversary.
Debuts:  autumn 2021 through 2022 (immersive installation art exhibition&music concert), in collaboration with differents cultural institutions and music&film festivals. Debut: October2021, Salerno/Linea D’Ombra Festival (as music immersive concert-performance), Fellini Amarcort Film Festival-CinetecaRimini.
Techniques: mix of 2D animation, motion graphics 3D, cut out computer animation,digital-virtual set deisgn, collage/pastiche animation, concept art-mattepainting.

THE ATLAS OF WONDERS is a crossmedia/theatrical special project (immersive video installation/art exhibition & animated film) where Bach’s music meets the videodesign and new technologies. A new way of storytelling for theatre and music, even with educational purpose, and to attract young people to classical music. The goal in this project is to take people into immersive virtual worlds-WUNDERKAMMER and it can be used in different ways:

-as performance with orchestra and videomapping immersive installation;

-immersive exhibition videoinstallation;

as a film in 6 episodes in Virtual Reality.

Film-Immersive Videoinstallation/Concert productio consists of 6 animated segments/episodes set to pieces of classical music by Johann Sebastian Bach: the Brandenbuerger six concerts. A human and artistic geographical ATLAS of the german Master. Each animated segment represents a WUNDERKAMMER, and imaginary surreal worlds, introduced by monologues, played by the character of BACH (voice over). He tell us about his artistic and intimate vision and inspirations, reveals anecdotes regarding his life.

300 years after the creation of the Brandenburg concerts, considered among the absolute masterpieces in the history of music, Johann Sebastian Bach tells himself in the first person. He confesses his intimate aspirations, passions, intents together with anecdotes of his life. Thus claiming that atlases are not only used to go from one place to another, but are used to find our personal journey in the world, to draw a human and artistic geography of one’s life.
An imaginative journey through the German composer’s
“Wunderkammer” (Chambers of wonders), where the boundaries between music, visual and cinematographic arts blend until they disappear.

Film Director, Concept, and Video Designer: Monica Manganelli
Dramaturgy and Text (monologues):  Monica Manganelli
Lead Animator, SupervisorVfx-Motion Graphics Designer: Stefano Benatti
Executive Production: Independent R-Evolution Creative Studio
Soundtrack: Johann Sebastian Bach- The Brandeburger Concerts.