“The BLACK ChristS. Far From Justice”, written, directed and designed by Monica Manganelli.

Genre: historical dramatic creative documentary film.

Status:  An INDEPENDENT R-EVOLUTION production (ITALY-US coprodoc.). In distribution in 2022.

The film is composed of surreal pictures (2D animation + motion graphics techniques) and footage from different archives: US. National Archive, Library of Congress, Prelinger Archive, Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Tulsa Library, Solomon Sir Jones Films, Beinache Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

.Synopsis: A visionary poem and meditation on the worst massacre of racial violence in American History happened in Tulsa (Oklahoma) in 1921, against the black community of Greenwood. Narrated through 14 chapters as the Stations of the Cross (Via Crucis), inspired also by the Countee Cullen poetry and surreal artists as Magritte and Max Ernst. A visual poem, a spiritual journey where the boundaries between Memory (real-archival footage) and Imagination (surreal worlds) blend to make us reflect and sense on the human suffering and faith.

Film Festivals-Official Selections-Screenings and Awards:
VISIONS du Réel-Industry, 2022, (Industry Preview)
– ENCOUTERS South African International Documentary Festival,
Cape Town+ Johannesburg, 2022